WalletConnect v1.x

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Wallet Connect is a simple solution that bridges communication between browser-based Dapps and mobile wallets using a QR code to establish the initial connection. It is an open protocol and does not require a Dapp user to install a browser extension. The protocol is agnostic to specific mobile wallets a user may want to use and enables Dapp developers to integrate with multiple wallets through a single implementation.

  • enable users to use their mobile wallets with Dapps without having to install a browser extension

  • enable users to use the wallet of their choice without worrying about which Dapps have integrated with which wallets

  • simplify wallet integration for Dapp developers instead of requiring them to integrate each wallet individually

  • provide flexibility to Dapp developers about which Wallet Connect bridge servers they want to use to communicate with mobile wallets

  • provide control to the mobile wallet developers on how push notifications are sent to their users

Getting Started

Currently the WalletConnect standard is implemented in Javascript for both Browser and Wallet side and in Python for the Bridge and Push server.

If you want to quickly setup for your Dapp or Wallet, check out the Quick Start

If you want to know more about the Bridge API check out the API Reference

Read more about the Detailed Interactions about the user flows on the Technical Specification


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